Why Bone Grafting May Be Necessary Before A Dental Implant Surgery

a graphic image of a lower arch of teeth, with one missing tooth that shows where a bone grafting procedure was done for a successful dental implant surgery.

When people have damaged or missing teeth that aren’t immediately replaced, they could begin to lose bone density in their jaw. When jawbone density is lost, it can cause a variety of oral and overall health problems that could negatively affect a person’s health. 

While people with a deteriorating jawbone may want to immediately replace their teeth, they should consider getting a bone grafting procedure first before their dental implants in St. Petersburg, FL are placed. Why a bone grafting procedure may be necessary before dental implants are placed is further explained in this blog.


Are Bone Grafting Procedures Necessary Before Dental Implants Can Be Successfully Placed?

Jawbone loss can occur for a number of reasons, including because of oral injury or trauma, gum disease, and tooth extractions. In some cases, even when no previous teeth are missing from an area of the mouth, there may not be enough healthy bone to place dental implants with. 

Bone grafting is a dental procedure commonly used in preparation for the placement of dental implants in St. Petersburg, FL. Without adequate bone density in the jaw, dental implants cannot be successfully placed to provide a reliable and strong foundation for the replacement teeth. Bone grafting helps to restore the lost or damaged bone so that it is healthy and strong enough to support the patient’s life-improving dental implants.  

By having a bone graft prior to dental implant placement, it increases the chances that dental implants will be successful and secure once they are placed. During a bone grafting procedure in a modern and advanced office, the skilled doctor can use sedation dentistry to numb the surgical area so that the patient is comfortable during their procedure. 

Once complete, the dental implant placement can usually be done in the same surgical appointment at this comprehensive office. When a patient is getting a dental implant surgery,  the doctor places the dental implant post into the patients jawbone where it fuses with the natural bone and stimulates it to keep the jawbone dense and healthy. 

This way, the patient’s  jawbone remains healthy and strong after they get their restorative bone grafting procedure. 


Come To Our Office For Your Bone Grafting And Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL

Having a successful dental implant treatment requires healthy bones for support, and if there is not enough existing healthy bone then it may be beneficial to have a bone grafting procedure first. By doing so, dental implants can successfully replace missing teeth with strong and secure anchorage. If you are considering dental implants, make sure to talk to our doctor about whether you need any preparatory treatments such as bone grafting procedure first. 

Don’t wait to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Jimmy Vellis and our exceptional team at our St. Petersburg Dental Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today! 

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