Can I Get A New Smile In One Office Visit With Full Mouth Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL?

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When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will not want to replace those missing teeth efficiently and effectively. With full mouth dental implants in St. Petersburg FL patients with the ability to obtain a new and improved smile in one office visit. When patients go to a trusted doctor for their full mouth dental implants, they can get an instant new smile that allows them to resume a normal diet, speak properly, and smile confidently.

How Do I Get A New Smile In One Procedure Appointment With Full Mouth Dental Implants In St. Petersburg, FL?


Before full mouth dental implants are placed in the patient’s jawbone, a careful evaluation will be done to ensure that the patient is an ideal candidate for this advanced procedure. Once the patient is deemed a good candidate, the doctor can begin planning the patient’s customized full mouth dental implant procedure with the latest technologies.

In order to give patients an anxiety-free full mouth dental implant procedure experience, the doctor can also give patients sedation density. During the patient’s full mouth dental implant surgery procedure, the doctor will accurately surgically place several dental implants into the patients jawbone in order to provide a secure and stable foundation for their replacement teeth.

After the surgery, the doctor is able to place a temporary prosthesis on the dental implants during the very same visit, providing patients with an instantly improved new smile. The temporary prosthesis helps give the patient back their normal dental functionality as soon as possible while they wait for their permanent restoration.

When patients get treated with full mouth dental implants, it can strengthen the jawbone density that they may have lost due to tooth loss so they can have a stable and aesthetically pleasing new smile.

Go To Our Office So You Can Get A New Smile In One Appointment With Full Mouth Dental Implants


At our dedicated and knowledgeable office, we understand that a healthy and attractive smile is essential for your overall well-being. Our team of experienced doctors treat you with the latest techniques and technologies so that you can get the highest-quality care for your full mouth dental implant procedure. At our advanced office, you can come in with a full arch of missing teeth and leave with a beautiful and functional new smile that is reliable.

Don’t hesitate to come to our office so we can plan your customized full mouth dental implant procedure so you can get the smile of your dreams in just one office visit. Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Jimmy Vellis, at our St. Petersburg, FL office to schedule an appointment today!

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